• Cooling liquids used in machining processes

    Cooling liquids used in machining processes

Investigating the foaming behavior of cooling lubricants and the effect of foam inhibitors (antifoams)

Foamability and foam stability

Value is placed on the formation of as little foam as possible in the use of cooling lubricants (CLs), as foam makes processing the part, its post-processing and finally CL recycling more difficult. This is why foam inhibitors (antifoams) are often added before the CLs are used, or even form part of the CL formulation.

The tendency toward foam formation and the effectiveness of antifoams can be checked in the laboratory by using foam height measurements. Under reproducible conditions such measurements can contribute to improving the CL formulation or to optimizing the antifoam dosage.

In the scope of this Application Report samples of three industrially used CL products were studied with the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100, with the amount of foam generated being observed in long-term tests and in cyclic foam generation processes.

Find out more and download the full application report here: application report AR270.

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