New solution for optical foam structure analysis

The new Foam Structure Module for the DFA100 analyses foam structures by optical testing of stable and metastable foams in food, cosmetic and cleaning products.

Hamburg, April 12th, 2013 – KRÜSS GmbH presented a new module for the DFA100 Dynamic Foam Analyzer intended for the optical testing of fluid foam structures at the European Coatings Show 2013 in Nuremberg. The instrument uses image analysis to determine the number, size and size distribution of the bubbles of a foam generated under control in the instrument. The foam structure module features a height-adjustable camera with rapid image sequence for measuring the structural changes over time, thus making the inner destabilisation of the foam visible long before it actually decays.

Torben Schörck, head of development at KRÜSS, sees key applications for this new development in the food, cosmetics and cleaning agent industries, where the tactile properties linked with bubble structure play a role in addition to foam stability. “In particular customers from the brewery branch already showed an interest during the preliminary stages of the development. We are expecting further positive response from our upcoming trade fair appearances”, explains Schörck. Presentations at the CESIO in Barcelona and SEPAWA in Fulda are among those planned for 2013.

The company is well-established on the market for tensiometers and contact angle measurement instruments. In 2010 it opened a new product segment with the launch of its foam analysis instrument DFA100. Initially this modular instrument focussed on measuring the decay of instable foams. A component for measuring liquid content presented in 2012 plus the new optical module are both geared towards stable and metastable foams.

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