Website with new focus on applications

New articles on special fields and materials

Since recently, this website offers you an overview of the diverse applications of contact angle measurement, tensiometry and foam analysis. Under the heading Applications, you can select articles relating to your area of expertise or your material. Nearly 50 application cases convey to you how you can optimize processes and materials with the help of our measuring methods. We underline this new focus of our website on knowledge transfer with a comprehensive technical glossary. It explains central terms from the field of interfacial chemistry in a profound and coherent way.

The subjects of our application cases range from materials such as glass, metal, wood and polymers, to applications such as cleaning, coating and bonding. We also provide you with detailed articles on special fields such as the biocompatibility of prostheses. Furthermore, you can find more in-depth information to the application cases such as application reports for download. These represent studies which we or our partners have carried out using our measuring instruments. The application reports illustrate measurement solutions for specific problems based on real measuring results.