New positioning aid for Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA

Precision drop placement for mobile measurement of surface free energy

Our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA measures surface free energy (SFE) in seconds on samples of any size. Sometimes, it is necessary to specifically analyze small parts of the surface such as welding seams or printed sections. The new positioning aid PA3900 for the MSA makes it easier to carry out dosing and measurement exactly at the required points on the surface.

The accessory consists of a frame with a precision fit for the MSA. At the press of a finger, a transparent sight is hinged inwards and automatically illuminated for assistance. Two marks accurately indicate the two points at which the pressurized double-dosing unit of the MSA will deposit drops. Move the frame to the required position, fit the instrument and press the measurement button – these three simple steps are all that are required for accurately positioned SFE measurement.

Please just contact us if you require further information on the MSA and its positioning aid PA3900.