New member in our scientific team

Application specialist enhances our know-how transfer

We welcome Dr. Daniel Frese as a new member of our scientific team. Daniel Frese holds a PhD in chemistry and will expand our knowledge of interfacial effects in industrial processes. With this new application knowledge, he helps to improve our measurement technique further, in order to align our instruments and methods even more targeted to your specific application questions. In addition, he consults you on your individual tasks and brings his knowledge into our trainings and seminars.

Dr. Daniel Frese has enriched our expanding Applications Department since the beginning of the year. Dr. Frese will specifically develop measurement solutions for your individual applications and also concentrate on extending and increasing our knowledge in a variety of application fields. To this end, he will be in close contact with our international customers and our representatives throughout the world. With this new applications knowledge, he will be contributing to further improving our measuring techniques and to bringing our instruments and methods even more in line with your specific applications.

Dr. Frese studied in Göttingen and obtained his doctorate in the field of biophysical chemistry. He extended his in-depth knowledge of surface optimization as part of his doctoral thesis. Here, he developed a method for the preparation of membranes on structured silicon wafers. He succeeded in modifying the surface free energy of the wafer in such a way that membranes form while retaining their full biological functionality.

The newly obtained knowledge from Dr. Frese and his broad technical expertise will not only be integrated into our development work, but will also help us to further expand our international scientific proficiency in consultancy. Dr. Frese will also be joining the team of lecturers for our regular seminars on interfacial chemistry, and will be imparting his knowledge to our participants in presentations and discussions.