New direction for device software

From the KRÜSS development project ADVANCE to the new software company ADVUX

Until recently, the broad method spectrum of KRÜSS was covered by six independent software products with specific functionality for each measuring method. To ensure that all product lines would benefit simultaneously from technical developments, KRÜSS Managing Director Florian Weser substantially enlarged the software team three years ago. Under the name ADVANCE, a new software package was to be developed for all measuring instruments – the most extensive development project in the company’s history.

User Experience (UX) – the focus of the ADVANCE software

A philosophy for developing user-friendly software orienting on the User Experience (UX) was the main vision behind ADVANCE. The key to the operating concept lies in a universal working procedure from preparation to evaluation, which is basically followed by all scientific measuring processes. With ADVANCE, the team succeeded in mirroring this workflow organically, thus making the software intuitive to use. The result is a flexible, clear and modular structure which offers all the functions required in a particular context without hiding them in menus.

New software company ADVUX

In the meantime, ADVANCE has replaced most of the earlier software products and the major project is almost complete. The positive feedback has given KRÜSS Managing Director Florian Weser occasion to found ADVUX, a company specializing in laboratory software. Weser has recruited software architect Robrecht Scheepers for the position of ADVUX Managing Director. As manager of the ADVANCE team, Scheepers had led the product to its success. With the principles of process orientation, modularity, clarity and agility, ADVUX has dedicated itself to the development of user-friendly software for laboratory measuring equipment.

ADVANCE as the cornerstone for the new company

With the experienced developers and ADVANCE as the first product and reference, the new company is starting from a strong position. ADVANCE communicates with different bus systems and processes video images as well as conductivity measurements and data from force, pressure and temperature sensors. It controls lighting, cameras, electronic flow regulators, piezo elements and thermostats as well as stepper and servo motors. The raw data are stored in open XML format and can be easily incorporated in LIM systems. “Manufacturers of devices for other measuring processes and laboratory applications shall also benefit from the philosophy of this modularity and openness,” says Weser.

ADVUX will already be presented in a dedicated booth (Hall A1, Booth 216) at analytica 2016 in Munich.