KRÜSS member of the nanoInk network

New cooperation for the development of special inks based on nanoparticles

KRÜSS recently joined the nanoInk network, a new initiative on the topic of special inks for industrial inkjet printing systems. The network, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, was launched by Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH. Our network partners include large and medium-sized companies, including those from the fields of printing technology and ink manufacturing as well as research institutes and universities.

The members of the network collaborate in the development of inks based on nanoparticles as well as on optimized and new printing technologies. The priority is to shape the properties of inks in a targeted way through the use of various nanoparticles for specific areas of application. Our expertise here is in the analysis technology for interfacial chemical processes which significantly influence the behavior of an ink on a substrate and its properties in printing processes.

Our measurement methods are shown to advantage, inter alia, in the analysis of ink wetting which has significant effects on the printing result. Dynamic tests, for example with the aid of the bubble pressure method, show the behavior of an ink under the extremely fast process conditions of industrial printing. Also relevant are measurements of the surface free energy of pigments on which the miscibility during ink production and thus the homogeneity of the product depend. In addition, surfactants, which are found in nearly every ink formula, lead to undesired foam formation. To counteract this, analyses of the foamability of inks containing surfactants and of the effect of foam-inhibiting substances (antifoam agents) contribute to the development of high-quality inks.