Get even more out of your Force Tensiometer – K11

Upgrade to K100C for connection to the new ADVANCE software with numerous new measuring methods

As the owner of a Force Tensiometer – K11, you can now significantly broaden the performance spectrum of your measuring instrument, converting it into a K100C with all the corresponding functions and technical options. The instrument can then be operated using our new ADVANCE software which controls all components and integrates them in powerful automation programs. Moreover, you can even carry out fully automated measurements of critical micelle concentration (CMC) using our Micro Dispensers.

This upgrade also makes completely novel measuring methods available, even beyond the standard tensiometric range. For example, the Wilhelmy method can now be used not only for measuring the surface tension of liquids, but also for contact angles on solids. It is also possible to measure powder wettability or the density of a solid.

In comparison to your K11 Display Panel, ADVANCE provides significantly enhanced functions for results management. These include automatically created results diagrams and a quickly available, comprehensive comparison of end results and raw data of up to 20 measurements. However, if you want to keep the option of being independent from a computer, you can of course still use the Display Panel and its measurement options.

An upgrade is possible for all instruments delivered from November 2011 onwards. In case of doubt, you can determine the upgrade capability by checking for an existing USB connection on the rear panel; this would be necessary for control via ADVANCE. If you are interested in an upgrade, simply get in touch with your contact at KRÜSS or with our exclusive distributor responsible for your area.