Force Tensiometer – K100 now with new ADVANCE software

Vast variety of methods for surfactant and wetting analysis with powerful automation programs

With immediate effect, our Force Tensiometer – K100 will be supported by our universal ADVANCE software platform. ADVANCE displays the logical workflow of scientific measurements on an intuitive user interface. The broad scope of methods offered by the K100 include, in addition to standard methods for surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids, completely automated CMC measurement and processes for characterization of the wettability of solids and powders right up to the determination of their surface free energy. Further modules are available for determining the density of liquids and solids.

ADVANCE controls measurement sequences with the aid of ready-made automation programs, reducing manual steps to the absolute minimum. Measurements can therefore start immediately without any further adjustments. Procedures can also be intuitively modified or even newly created for completely different sequences without any programming knowledge. Thanks to this standardization with set and documented parameters, measuring conditions are optimally repeatable.

The automation programs work hand in hand with the numerous software-controlled K100 components and sensors. For example, closing the measuring chamber can initiate the next sequence step of the measurement without the user needing to confirm continuation. Also, the integrated stirrer can switch itself on and off during the procedure in order to homogenize the sample before measurement. During a critical micelle concentration (CMC) measurement, special Micro Dispensers are integrated in a fully automated procedure which includes creating a concentration series and evaluating the measurement curve.

ADVANCE will be the standard software for all K100 and K100C tensiometers delivered from now on. Moreover, the software is also compatible with newer K100 models that have been purchased in the past. If you own an instrument that is equipped with a USB port you can upgrade your software from LabDesk to ADVANCE. If you are interested in such an upgrade, simply get in touch with your contact at KRÜSS or with our exclusive distributor for your area.