Foam structure analysis for any foaming method

New prism column for the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 for determining bubble size in foams produced manually or externally

Our new prism column CY4573 enhances options for foam structure analysis with the Foam Structure Module – FSM designed for the DFA100. The foam can be manually generated inside the column or added at a later point using this accessory. The low height of the column, compared to our standard column, facilitates foaming from the top using, e.g., a hand-held milk frother. It also makes it much easier to add externally generated foam samples without affecting their structure.

A calibration grid to determine the image scale is located in the upper area of the prism attached to the column. This allows ADVANCE, the software for the DFA100, to precisely determine the resulting bubble sizes and output them in absolute dimensions with the same high accuracy as with our standard prism column.