• Remote support for the customer

    Remote support for the customer

Michaela-Christina Haack

Technical Support (Hamburg, Germany)

What is your position at KRÜSS and what are your responsibilities?

As part of the technical service team, I am supporting customers via telephone and email or in remote sessions whenever they have technical problems or questions regarding the handling of the instrument or the operation of the software. KRÜSS colleagues from abroad contact us to get assistance when performing error analysis and to get required spare parts.

On-site, we do inspections and maintenance services and carry out instrument and software installations and guide the customer through the overall workflow. Our mobile instruments can also be explained during a remote session.

What kind of degree do you have and what is your career path?

Actually I´m a marine scientist/engineer and have been working as a tutor during my studies. I have always been interested in how nature works and even though my hometown is Berlin, I always felt attracted to the maritime environment.

Why did you choose this path?

The enthusiasm for analytical and measurement techniques grew during my studies when I was working for climate research. In science, however, you are surprisingly often working in a state of social isolation. Due to my technical background, I was – over time – more focused and interested in the technology that enables scientific research. At KRÜSS my work is still connected to science. The Tensiometer – K11 was actually one of the instruments I used during the experiments for my master thesis.

Have you noticed any changes in the field of science since you started to work?

Not yet. I guess bigger changes like the increase in the number of woman working in science and engineering haven been taking place before I started.

What was your biggest challenge in this profession?

During my studies at the University it was definitely the biggest challenge to remain patient and keep on working when experiments (including weeks of work) go wrong and the readiness to work around the clock. Microorganisms don’t care about nighttime and weekends.

Today, the main-challenge is to deal with days of intense work during business trips. However, traveling makes everyday life more exciting!

How did you master this challenge?

Discipline and coffee.


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