• Measurement preparation at the KRÜSS Applications & Science Center

    Measurement preparation at the KRÜSS Applications & Science Center

Katrin Oetjen

Applications & Science (Hamburg, Germany)

What is your position at KRÜSS and what are your responsibilities?

I work in the department Applications & Science. My colleagues and I perform, optimize and evaluate measurements related to surface science for customers as well as for internal purposes. Furthermore, we train new staff to use the different instruments.

What kind of degree do you have and what is your career path?

I have the Second State Examination in food chemistry. After a six months placement in a laboratory in Switzerland, I worked as research associate at the Federal Research Center for Fisheries for nearly six years and then – for another six years – in quality control for a small company which produced bakery improver. I started at KRÜSS in 2007.

Why did you choose this path?

I chose this path because I like Natural Sciences as well as performing and evaluating measurements, especially when interesting measurement projects appeal to my curiosity. Besides, I am grateful that I had the chance to work in very different fields (fishery – bakery – surface science).

Have you noticed any changes in the field of science since you started to work?

I think the biggest change was the fast-growing use of computers. Nowadays everyone has a smart laptop with internet access instead of a big, slowly working PC in his office. The programs for controlling the instruments, collecting the data and calculating the results are much more convenient and powerful today. Now you have possibilities like touch screen, automation, and memory capacity for videos and images of which you could only dream of when I started to work.

What was your biggest challenge in this profession?

It is difficult for me to name a biggest challenge. I think, it is good to have small challenges in your daily work like finding the best measurement parameters for a special question or try to understand what is happening.

How did you master this challenge?

In general it is good to use a logical and / or experimental approach, the own experience and the experience of the colleagues by talking to them.


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