• Technical Consultant Eka Melani

    Technical Consultant Eka Melani

Eka Melani

Technical Consultant (Dayton, OH, USA)

What is your position at KRÜSS and what are your responsibilities?

I am the Technical Consultant for KRÜSS covering the Great Lakes area (States are: West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan). I am responsible for sales, installation, training, and general growth of our business in the territory.

What kind of degree do you have and what is your career path?

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University in Palm Beach. I enjoy sales and the excitement of working with people of other businesses and learning what they do. I thrive in a competitive environment so my goal is to become a very successful part of the KRÜSS team, recognized as a trusted advisor with a large number of satisfied customers.

Why did you choose this path?

I love traveling, meeting new people and learning the diverse applications that our technologies are used for, and how they relate in my everyday life.

Have you noticed any changes in the field of science since you started to work?

I noticed there are more young and minority females attending shows and talks.

What was your biggest challenge in this profession?

When I first started in my mid 20’s, being female and part of a minority, it was challenging for me that I was not always recognized as the scientifically competent person that I am. However, the biggest challenge in this profession is learning, understanding and being able to keep up with the technical jargons within a specific industry or application.

How did you master this challenge?

Do my homework by reading and watching videos about specific applications and markets and keeping myself up to date with technical notes related to the particular application group. Since I am quite new at KRÜSS, I sometimes have to rely to the support by the product or lab management in the course of my communication with a customer. No matter how much homework you do in advance, there will be times where you just don’t know an answer to something. However, the one response that had never failed me is “I will get back to you on that”. This not only gives me another contact opportunity, but is also much more trustworthy than pretending knowledge when in fact I have to obtain more information.