• Seminar | Contact angle

    Seminar | Contact angle

Contact angle seminars

Seminar content

  • Theoretical introduction to contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion
  • Illustration of how contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion are related
  • Detailed explanation of various measurement techniques
  • Presentation of application cases and solutions
  • Demonstration of methods described in lectures
  • Example applications from research presented by guest speakers

Apply our expertise to your measurement tasks

Wettability, adhesion, surface free energy: when it comes to the surface properties of solids, contact angle measurements are an indispensable tool for material research and quality assurance. We would like to share our scientific expertise with you at this KRÜSS seminar and provide helpful knowledge for applying contact angle measurement techniques.

Our knowledge for your solids analysis

Work with our seminar team to gain a more in-depth understanding of wetting in processes such as coating, pretreatment and cleaning. Seminar content includes the relationships between wetting, contact angle and surface free energy (SFE), as well as the influence of polar and dispersive SFE components on wetting and adhesion. You will be introduced to the scientific background for determining SFE using various models and will learn how to apply those models through a series of concrete examples.

We will provide practical demonstrations of the methods covered on our own instruments:

  • Contact angle measurement using a tensiometer: the Wilhelmy method
  • Optical contact angle measurement with dispensed drops
  • Mobile, fully automatic SFE measurement
  • Contact angle from above: using our top-view distance method to take measurements in cavities
  • Measurements on very thin single fibers
  • Wetting analyses of powders, textiles and other porous materials

This event is a one-day seminar for no more than 30 participants. The practical portion of the seminar is conducted in smaller groups.


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