Information database (KIDB)

We have created our information database as an aid for everyday use and as a reference work for scientific knowledge. In the database, you will find information relevant to your questions. In putting together this information, we have placed great importance on completeness, validity and topicality of the data provided at all times.

After registration, you will have access to our comprehensive archive of application reports, reference literature and product information and even manuals.

Our information database is divided into the following areas:

  • Literature database: Access to a keyword index with more than 3,300 scientific articles from the field of surface chemistry.
  • Substance database: Access to a catalogue of data relating to the surface tension of liquids and surface energies of solids.
  • Download: Collection of our application reports, product information, and manuals for downloading.

Do you use our measuring instruments but do not yet have an access code?

Please complete the form and have the serial number of your unit to hand. You will receive your personal access code for the information database after submitting the completed form.

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