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Über die Entwicklung und den Vertrieb hochklassiger Messinstrumente hinaus liegt unsere große Leidenschaft darin, Sie mit unserem Know-how und umfassenden Dienstleistungen während der gesamten langen Lebensspanne ihres KRÜSS Messinstruments zu unterstützen. Mit unseren Produkten und unserem Service erhalten wir ein positives Echo, wie Sie dem Feedback vieler unserer geschätzten Kunden entnehmen können.


"I like the quality and reliability of KRÜSS instruments, and the knowledgeable and rapid response from their team is always appreciated."

Christopher Gerlach
Lead Research Specialist

ASM Laser Separation International

The KRÜSS company provided the opportunity to attend the Adhesion Science and Technology seminar by Dr. Mittal in April 2017. The course was well-organized and was in-depth on several topics relevant to adhesion and surface science. There were sufficient moments to address individual challenges. The company tour and presentation showed dedication to products and knowledge at KRÜSS and provides confidence for further cooperation.

Dr. Rogier Evertsen
Senior Process Engineer, R&D

Akorn Inc.

"The equipment is very user-friendly."

Mostofa Zaman
Group Leader, Formulation Development

Berufsakademie Dresden

Die Messinstrumente von KRÜSS sind äußerst hochwertig verarbeitet und in der Anwendung durchdacht. Eine intuitive Bedienbarkeit spricht ebenso für sich, wie auch die dazugehörige Software. Optimale Export- und damit Auswertemöglichkeiten sind gegeben. Der Service ist stets hilfsbereit und zudem an einer schnellen Lösungsfindung interessiert.

Martin Rößler

The measuring instruments from KRÜSS are of extremely high quality workmanship and well thought-out in their application. Intuitive operability speaks for itself, as does the related software. Optimal export and thus evaluation possibilities are given. The service team is always available to help and is moreover interested in finding solutions quickly.


"We are ISO certified. One of the main reasons we purchased from KRÜSS is their customer service and technical assistance."

Tom Gessner
Scientist II

Bayer Crop Science

"I have worked with KRÜSS instruments for a long time at different places and have found these very useful for my research."

Tapashi Sengupta
Sr. Coating Scientist


"I love the customer support they provided. Step-by-step debugging process helps in resolving the issue quickly."

Tirupathi Rai Chanamolu

Clemson University

Our partnership with KRÜSS has been very beneficial for those of us in the Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) department at Clemson University due to the fact that we use their products everyday for drop shape analysis, sessile drop/contact angle measurements, and the measurements of interfacial properties of different fluid-fluid pairs. Their instruments have been essential for our research and even more-so for the teaching of undergraduate students who are searching for jobs in the field of surface science. The instruments that we have purchased have been easy to use and have withstood the test of time. KRÜSS has also given a product demonstration as well as a presentation for the undergraduate and graduate students in our program.

Prof. Konstantin Kornev
Materials Science & Engineering

Engenium Chemicals Corporation

"We have been very impressed with KRÜSS. Their instruments are beautifully engineered and straightforward to use. The software interface is well thought out and intuitive, which minimizes training time and promotes productivity. The level of service and support is also top notch and our overall experience has been excellent."

Neil Warrender
VP Technology

Epilog Laser

"Staff has been responsive and helpful. The machine is engineered very well and has proven very useful in our production process."

Matthew Glazier
Sustaining Engineer

Essilor of America

"Our KRÜSS instruments have been invaluable in helping us develop easier-to-clean coatings and optimize our coating processes. In addition, the knowledge on interfacial chemistry shared by KRÜSS has been quite useful in shortening development time for new coatings."

Steven Weber
Senior Scientist, R&D

Google Nest Labs

"KRÜSS DSA is very well designed and a user-friendly system. We are happy with the performance and capability it offers. The local representative is very responsive and helpful!"

Yan Yang
Failure/Materials Analysis Manager

Land O' Lakes

"I have had wonderful experiences while working with KRÜSS. I have had several trainings on our DSA100 for which a representative has come directly to my location and spent much time needed getting myself and teammates comfortable with the instrumentation. I would recommend working with KRÜSS to anyone interested in this line of science."

Andrea Clark
Research Specialist, Product Development

Nexeo Solutions

"Innovative Instruments and Quality Service."

Erin Burke
Technical Manager


Das Kontaktwinkelmessinstrument MSA ist genau auf unsere Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten. Die Zusammenarbeit - insbesondere die Unterstützung bei der Einlernphase - war ausgezeichnet. Unsere Ideen zur Software wurden bei den folgenden Updates berücksichtigt. Die jährliche Wartung beim Kunden vor Ort, die gleichzeitig eine Beratungsstunde beinhaltet, ist ein gelungenes Angebot, das Sika gerne und ausführlich nutzt.

Hans-Christoph Thielemann

The contact angle measuring instrument MSA is exactly tailored to our needs. The cooperation - especially the support during the learning phase - was excellent. Our software ideas were taken into account in the following updates. The annual maintenance, which also includes a consulting session at the customer's site, is a successful offer that Sika likes to use extensively.

Summit Fluid Systems

"KRÜSS instrumentation has allowed us to better serve our customers by improving product quality and troubleshooting problems at their facility."

Chad Skelton
Managing Director, Technology

Tandell Research Ltd.

"Excellent quality and service. Instrument training and offsite courses have been valuable."

Bernard Tangelder


"Great products, good service and easy to work with."

Marcos Viera
Global R&D Director

University of Wisconsin - Madison, College of Engineering

"Responses of representatives on my questions are prompt and very helpful. I was able to set up our old K10ST tensiometer using email conversation only without organizing an expensive on-site visit. I really enjoy working with the company and the people there!"

Mike Efremov
Instrumentation spec.

Xerox Research Centre of Canada

"We have extensively used the KRÜSS K100 Force Tensiometer and Mobile Surface Analyzer in a variety of projects and have found them to be invaluable instruments. The much-needed repeatability and precision of the instruments gives us high confidence in the data we produce."

Geoff Allen
Member of Research Staff


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