• Force Tensiometer – K100SF

    Force Tensiometer – K100SF

Force Tensiometer – K100SF

The high-precision tensiometer for measuring contact angle on single fibers

Our high-precision Force Tensiometer – K100SF is specially designed for analyzing the wettability of single fibers by measuring the contact angle. Our K100SF is fitted with a particularly high-resolution force sensor. The instrument therefore reliably measures the wetting forces on even very thin fibers, for example on single carbon fibers which are just a few microns thick.

Our K100SF has been specially developed for use in quality assurance and in the development of fiber coatings, particularly for the embedding of fibers in fiber reinforced materials. Good wettability of the fibers and good adhesion of the coatings are required in these applications. By measuring single fibers with our K100SF, quality assurance can be carried out at an early stage, namely before the fibers are made into bundles or matting. This enables early intervention in the case of quality deficiencies, resulting in less production waste and reduced cost.

Our Force Tensiometer – K100SF features various additional precision measuring methods. These include the measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension, the contact angle on powders and solids, and the measurement of liquid densities.

Tasks and applications

  • Characterization of natural and artificial fibers
  • Development of carbon and glass fiber coatings
  • Predicting the interaction between fibers and matrix
  • Optimization of hair care products

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring, plate and rod method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method, for example for measurements in accordance with ASTM D‑971
  • Contact angle and surface free energy of solids, powders or fiber bundles
  • Density of liquids
  • Measurement from -10 to 50°C, temperature measurement with internal or external sensor

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