• ADVANCE with touch operation

    ADVANCE with touch operation

  • Receiving regular upgrades of ADVANCE with the Software Assurance

    Receiving regular upgrades of ADVANCE with the Software Assurance

ADVANCE | Software Assurance

Benefit from our continuing development

The time for acquiring anything high-tech never seems to be right: One doesn‘t want to miss the next innovation step which is always imminent. ADVANCE is no exception to this rule. With at least one and usually two annual releases we continuously extend the range of functions with new powerful features. With regular upgrades in the framework of the ADVANCE Software Assurance you will never miss a new development and always work with the latest version.

The safe and simple way of staying up-to-date

Upgrading ADVANCE is as easy as the software itself. With no uninstallation necessary, the new version is operational within minutes. Each upgrade is compatible with any results you have collected. In many cases previous raw data can even be reanalyzed with improved algorithms or evaluated with new methods.

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Two opportunities, one best choice

The ADVANCE Software Assurance contract has a minimum term of three years. We electively offer it as an alternative to an instant purchase. We consider it advantageous because the annual fee for the first three years is exactly one third of the price for an instant purchase, which comes without upgrades. When cancelling the contract, you can still use ADVANCE for an unlimited time, you just don‘t receive any more upgrades. In spite of the benefits of the Software Assurance, we still offer the instant purchase option for customers who cannot or do not want to enter a time-based contract.

   Instant purchase   Software Assurance
 Regular upgrades  no upgrades at least one, usually two per year
 Rates per license  full price in one rate one third of full price per year *
 Payable  instantly rates once a year
 Bug fixes (if any)  one year whole contract term
 License expiration  none none

 * No price adaptions of the fee in the first 3 years. After 3 years the fee will be adapted to one third of the price for an instant purchase according to our anually updated price list.

Questions and answers

How much more do I have to invest when entering an ADVANCE Software Assurance contract compared to just purchasing a license?

The contract has a minimum term of three years. The annual fee, which is due at the end of each year, is one third of the price of an instant purchase. So for the first three years, both options come with the same price, just with or without upgrades.

Is it possible to purchase an ADVANCE license at once and leave the software as it is?

Of course we don’t try to force you into a contract. Although we believe that the ADVANCE Software Assurance is more beneficial in most cases, we also offer licenses with an ADVANCE instant purchase without upgrades. We keep this option open to partners who prefer it for budgetary reasons or because they are not willing or allowed to enter a contract.

When cancelling the contract I can’t use ADVANCE anymore?

Neither will anything happen to your installed version of ADVANCE, nor will you lose the right to use it. You will just be missing the regular upgrades.

Will bugs still be fixed when I choose instant purchase?

We take great care that ADVANCE leaves our house without critical bugs by means of intensive testing. However, we ensure updates of your version until one year after instant purchase, although such a long term has never been necessary in the release history of ADVANCE.

Who will be my contract partner for an ADVANCE Software Assurance?

Your contract partner is the same as for the purchase of the KRÜSS instrument. Depending on your organization’s location, this will be a KRÜSS office or one of our trusted exclusive distributors. Either way you can rely on the close customer contact that distinguishes our company.

How do I prolong the contract after three years?

If you are convinced of the regular ADVANCE upgrades and want to keep receiving them, you don’t have to do anything. After the minimum term of three years the contract is automatically prolonged annually.

Are the annual fees subject to price increase?

There will be no price adaptions of the fee in the first 3 years. After 3 years the fee will be adapted to one third of the price for an instant purchase according to our anually updated price list.

Is it easy to cancel the ADVANCE Software Assurance contract?

Of course it is. Just send your cancellation to your contract partner, which is KRÜSS or one of our exclusive distributors, at least three months before the contract term gets prolonged.

Can I still enter the ADVANCE Software Assurance contract after an instant purchase?

You can enter an ADVANCE Software Assurance contract anytime. The three-year minimum contract term with annual fees starts with the contract date.

Can I acquire upgrades without an ADVANCE Software Assurance contract?

This is of course possible, though we do not recommend it because this option is not cheaper than three contract fees. Moreover, you would miss further upgrades.

How do I receive my ADVANCE upgrades?

Whenever an ADVANCE upgrade is ready, we at KRÜSS will send you an email with a download link for the new version. This will probably be two times a year, at least once a year.

Will upgrades be compatible with old data?

We take care that the installation of upgrades cannot conflict with data you already measured and that the data display and management of new versions run smoothly with old data. In many cases it is even possible to re-evaluate old raw data with new or improved methods.

Will ADVANCE upgrades always be compatible with my KRÜSS instrument?

Upgrades are almost always compatible with your instrument as it is. In rare cases the installation goes along with a firmware update. The new firmware and the installer are part of the ADVANCE upgrade package, in which we also show you how to proceed in a few simple steps. If in any case an upgrade is impossible for technical reasons, the ADVANCE Software Assurance contract will not be continued.

Do I have to install any upgrade I receive as a prerequisite for later upgrades or can I skip an upgrade in case I don’t require its new functions?

Skipping an upgrade is no problem at all. Any old version of ADVANCE can be upgraded to any newer version.

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