New KRÜSS website

Emphasis on communicating possible applications of interfacial chemical measuring methods

Hamburg, January 15th, 2014 – KRÜSS GmbH has completely revamped its website With the relaunch, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of measuring instruments in the field of surface and interfacial chemistry is focusing on industrial applications for tensiometry, contact angle measurement and foam analysis. In addition to information on products and services, the KRÜSS homepage displays completely new content in a clear design and an up-to-date architecture. Detailed applications of a broad range of surface chemical measuring methods are explained on almost 50 pages. Examples include the optimization of the use of wetting agents and emulsifiers, and the influence of surface energy on quality when bonding or coating various materials. In addition, a comprehensive glossary explains the main technical terms from the field of interfacial analysis and provides background information for understanding the measuring methods.

With the application descriptions and the glossary, the website provides an informative approach to interfacial chemical measuring methods even for non-specialists in interfacial chemistry. The texts outline solutions to specific problems of process optimization and quality assurance in a clearly presented manner. With this emphasis on knowledge transfer, the new website reflects the company's increasing focus on in-depth, specialist customer advice and training.

Press release: New website