New collaboration with the Surface Engineering Lab at the University of Alberta

A co-operative venture with Dr. Prashant R. Waghmare extends our scientific network in North America

We are further expanding our international knowledge transfer with a new collaboration with the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada). Our local partner is Dr. Prashant R. Waghmare, for whose Interfacial Science and Surface Engineering Lab (iSSELab) we provide instruments for characterizing the interfaces of liquids and solids.

Dr. Waghmare is an expert in interfacial research who has published works on liquid repellent surfaces as well as on wetting characteristics and the interfacial rheological behavior of biomolecule solutions. Furthermore, he has designed innovative needle-free drop deposition techniques for contact angle measurement. His newly established iSSELab promises to become a hub of interfacial science in the North American area.

The extensive exchange of information with university researchers assists us in the application-oriented development of new methods and measuring instruments. A further focus of the new collaboration is the expansion of our scientific and technical customer consulting in the region. Seminars on interfacial chemistry in conjunction with our Hamburg seminar team are already being planned for the summer of 2016. We are also pleased that we can invite our customers to the iSSELab for demonstrations of our instruments and for measurements relating to their individual tasks. We can now offer detailed advice directly in the lab at four sites in North America, thanks to our other collaborative ventures with the UCLA (California) and the Rice University (Texas) as well as our own laboratory in Matthews (North Carolina).