Software networking: API for ADVANCE

A new interface makes it possible to control our measuring instruments as part of complex laboratory automation systems

Many of our measuring instruments have a high degree of automation which our ADVANCE software uses for complete measuring procedures. With a new interface, the Remote Control API (Application Programming Interface), you can now combine these processes at will with functions of other measuring or data processing software. The open structure of ADVANCE also enables such processes to be easily incorporated into Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), for instance.

The key to this networkability is a powerful module – which comes with ADVANCE as standard – for creating automation programs quickly and easily. A typical example of a program is the fully automatic measurement of surface free energy using our Drop Shape Analyzers. With the API, such a program can now be started from any application – for example from a handling system following a sample change. ADVANCE then provides status messages, such as the completion of the program, via the API. Results of measurements can also be automatically exported in any text-based format in the course of this process. These data can then be gathered and processed further by other software. Moreover, access to ADVANCE is not a one-way street: the option of running any script from an ADVANCE automation program provides additional flexibility.

Thanks to the API’s comprehensive documentation, IT specialists can carry out programming via the interface without any difficulty. If you would like to use the Remote Control API, please contact your technical consultant at KRÜSS.