Single Micro Dispenser for CMC Measurements

Dosing unit for our Force Tensiometer – K100 now also available as a single device

Our Micro Dispenser, specially developed for CMC measurements, is available as a Single Micro Dispenser DS0810 with immediate effect. To complement the previous double-dosing method, we have conceived a measurement using a single Micro Dispenser for simple analyses where the CMC concentration range is known and particularely high data density is not required.

The Micro Dispenser doses a solvent or a highly concentrated surfactant solution under software control directly into the measuring vessel of our Force Tensiometer – K100. Between the dosing steps, the instrument measures the surface tension precisely and fully automatically using the ring or plate method. Thanks to its very fine volume resolution, the Micro Dispenser achieves the required target concentration with high accuracy.

In order to take full advantage of the possibilities of the Single Micro Dispenser, we recommend the use of our optional conical sample vessel SV23. This accessory requires only a small initial quantity of the parent surfactant solution, which can be diluted by several orders of magnitude. The substance consumption is therefore less and the possible concentration range is considerably more extensive than with a standard cylindrical vessel.

In order to measure the CMC even more accurately, you can upgrade the system to our double-dosing system DS0820 at any time. With the DS0820, a second dispenser unit accurately removes the supplied volume. In this way, an even wider and denser concentration range is achieved, as the number of concentrations is not limited by the volume of the vessel.