Prepare single fiber contact angle measurements in the best possible way

The new fiber holder set TO0910 for our Force Tensiometers – K100SF and K100 combines simple preparation with precise fiber alignment

Single fiber contact angle measurement is a particularly elegant method for the characterization of even the thinnest filaments, as the fibers do not have to be bundled together. It is therefore possible to investigate fiber wetting in advance of finishing steps such as spinning. As a result, quality assurance, for example, can be instigated at a very early stage, such as in the production of composite materials. However, the method places high demands not only on the precision of the measuring instrument but also on the sample preparation, as the often extremely thin samples must be immersed exactly at right angles. Our new fiber holder set for the Force Tensiometers – K100SF and K100 simplifies the preparation and helps in the reliable positioning of the fibers for precise measurements.

The fiber receptacles in the new set are plastic clips which fix the samples with the help of a UV-curing adhesive. At the same time, two V-shaped notches hold the fiber vertically. The clip is then quickly and accurately inserted in a special adapter for the tensiometer’s force sensor.

The adhesive cartridge supplied has a very fine tip which enables the tiny amount required to be accurately applied. For easy handling, the cartridge rests in a holder which is fitted on the opposite side with a UV light source. The adhesive cures in only 10 seconds and the measurement can begin.

Our new fiber holder set TO0910 will be available for our Force Tensiometers – K100SF and K100 from January 2017.