Foam analysis now with even greater precision and new options

Increased reproducibility and flexibility thanks to new electronic flow control and optional external gas supply

We have made significant technical improvements to our flexible instrument for scientific foam analysis, the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100. In order to maximize reproducibility when foaming with gas, the instrument is now fitted with a precision, software-controlled flow regulator. The flow rate is now adjusted more accurately and kept markedly more constant during the measurement. This leads to an exact correlation between gas input and foam quantity. Even small variations in the foamability of different liquids can be accurately detected. The flow rate is stored as a parameter in the software, which virtually rules out incorrect settings.

We have also optimized the instrument's foam detection capability. Thanks to more homogenous illumination and pre-adjustment of the line sensor with optical standards, the DFA100 now measures the upper and lower foam boundary even more reliably. In this way, the instrument also measures the height of highly transparent foams very accurately.

We now also offer an additional external gas supply for our DFA100. This enables industrial foaming processes with gases such as carbon dioxide to be simulated and technical processes to be reproduced in the laboratory. Thanks to the flow regulator, the externally connected gas can be fed through the sample with low flow rates down to 0.05 L/min. With this option you can control the growth of the foam column, even with strongly foaming liquids, in order to characterize the foamability accurately.

We have also developed a new calibration module for checking the optical foam height measurement. This simulates the brightness transitions at the upper and lower boundaries of a foam column with the help of accurately positioned tinted slides. You can check and document the reliability of the measuring results of the DFA100 with the help of this accessory.