ADVANCE software – new version with touch control and additional tensiometer methods

ADVANCE 1.9 with a user interface optimized for touch displays and new options for measuring interfacial tension and analyzing dispersions

The new Version 1.9 of ADVANCE, our universal software for interfacial chemical analyses, will be included with our measuring instruments with immediate effect and is also available as an upgrade.  As the greatest improvement, we have developed an alternative user interface which has been optimized for working with touch displays. Also included are new measuring methods for the Force Tensiometer – K100.

Simple and intuitive working with touch displays

For mobile analyses in Quality Assurance, and also to save space on the laboratory bench, measuring instruments are more and more frequently used with touch displays. With this in mind, we have developed a user interface optimized for touch control for our ADVANCE software. Each subregion of the workspace, which is divided into tiles, can be displayed in full screen with the touch elements being enlarged and highlighted. The often annoying, accidental touching of adjacent elements is therefore virtually eliminated, even with small displays. Further new functions, such as batch archiving of selected measurements, make it particularly easy to work with a touch display. The operating mode can be changed at any time or set automatically depending on the hardware used. Touch control is available for all contact angle measurement, tensiometry, and foam analysis methods.

New measurement options with our Force Tensiometer – K100

With ADVANCE 1.9, we have expanded the range of methods for the K100. The software module for measuring interfacial and surface tension is now supplemented by the lamella tear-off method as a measurement option for interfacial tension. This method is particularly important for measurements in accordance with special norms and standards, for example for testing the quality of transformer oils to ASTM D 971. In addition, the new push method makes it possible to perform ring measurements on two-phase systems in which the lighter liquid is simultaneously the one with the greater surface tension, such as water/diiodomethane. Neither method requires an extended license and both are available by means of an upgrade with immediate effect.

A newly available software module is dedicated to the analysis of solid-liquid dispersions. The measurement of sedimentation rate based on the mass of sinking particles quickly and easily provides qualitative information on particle size distribution. This is relevant, for example, for evaluating the quality of filler materials for polymers (see KRÜSS Application Report AR281). The strength of a sediment can also be evaluated based on a measurement of the penetration resistance. The results provide information on the effort required to mobilize sediment particles. 

Upgrade as part of ADVANCE Software Assurance

Our customers with ADVANCE Software Assurance have already received the new version. If you would also like to enter such an upgrade subscription and always have the latest ADVANCE version at your fingertips, simply contact your Technical Consultant at KRÜSS or your responsible exclusive distributor. You can, of course, also upgrade to Version 1.9 without the Software Assurance.