Our spring interfacial chemistry seminars

There are still some free places left for three events at our Applications & Science Center in April 2016

We invite you to our Applications & Science Center in Hamburg for three one-day Methodology Seminars, April 18 - 20, 2016. Covering the topics of foam analysis, surface tension and contact angle measurement, these events will be facilitated by our scientists and distinguished guest speakers, who will share their extensive knowledge with you. In addition to teaching fundamental concepts related to the three topics, the seminars will also provide interesting insights into current issues in research and development.

The seminars revolve around the most important analytical methods in each field, and, in addition to explaining the underlying theory, our seminar team will also demonstrate these techniques using real measurements. Along with appealing seminar and conference rooms, our Applications & Science Center also offers generously equipped laboratories with the latest generation of our instruments – a powerful platform for coupling theory with practice.

You can book seminar modules individually or in any desired combination:

  • Monday, April 18: Methodology Seminar on foam analysis
  • Tuesday, April 19: Methodology Seminar on surface tension
  • Wednesday, April 20: Methodology Seminar on contact angle measurement

See our Seminar Overview for detailed information on individual events and for the dates of our international seminars.