Innovative combination of vacuum and wafer table for contact angle measurements

New accessories ensure optimal handling of foil-like samples and wafers

With two new sample table solutions for our Drop Shape Analyzers – DSA100 and DSA30 that can be used individually or combined, we have optimized the handling of soft and bendable samples as well as wafers during contact angle measurements.

Vacuum table ST3210 for achieving an even surface

The ST3210 Vacuum Table has a large permeable surface to which samples are uniformly attached by simply placing them on top of it. The table ensures a flat and easy-to-analyze surface when carrying out measurements on films as well as samples with only low elasticity or softness. It can be mounted flexibly on horizontal movement axes or on a rotation axis.

Special tabletop ST3271 for wafers; combined with the vacuum table or as a single unit

In just a few simple steps the ST3271 wafer tabletop transforms the vacuum table into a special sample table for the surface analysis of wafers. The holes through the table plate ensure that the wafer is held in position by the vacuum and prevent slipping of very smooth wafer surfaces. The plate also has a slot for positioning, which is compatible with the standard sizes of wafer tips. To facilitate centering the samples, the table surface can be easily adapted to the different standard sizes of wafer as well as other round samples by means of flexibly deployable pins.

The sample table setup for wafers is particularly efficient when performing mapping measurements with our ADVANCE software. This allows drops to be dosed fully automatically onto the programmed positions of the sample and analyzed there. It is thus possible, for example, to evaluate the homogeneity of the cleaning of a sample surface in one single measuring procedure without any user intervention.

The ST3271 wafer tabletop is also available individually and can be placed directly on a rotation axis.