ADVANCE software now also for foam analysis

Intuitive measurements and powerful result management with our universal program platform

ADVANCE is our innovative software for interfacial chemistry measurements that sets new standards in intuitive operability. The latest version of ADVANCE now also works together with our foam analysis measuring instruments: the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 and our new Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA.

The user interface of ADVANCE organically adapts itself to the workflow of scientific analyses, and is tailored exactly to the respective application. ADVANCE therefore combines clear operating logic with a wide variety of measuring methods. The functions that are relevant for the current step are arranged in tiles, and display all of the elements that are necessary in the context. By avoiding menus and pop-ups, ADVANCE eliminates unnecessary clicks and time-consuming searches for hidden elements.

Comprehensive foam analyses with several simultaneous detections

Together with the DFA100 and its modules, ADVANCE makes it possible to carry out fully automatic foam height measurements during foaming and thereafter, optical foam structure analyses and liquid content determination. All of these detection methods can be combined in any way during the course of an individual measurement and carried out simultaneously. When doing this, the measuring procedure controls an easy to create automation program, which can be stored in a measuring template and quickly reproduced. Like this ADVANCE provides precise foam analyses with exactly repeatable conditions.

Automated measurements in accordance with Ross-Miles as per ASTM D 1173

Repeatability is also one of the strengths of our new Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA with its automated foam analyses in accordance with ASTM D 1173. ADVANCE supports the standard-compliant foam measurements by automatically recording the initial foam height and the required measurements after exactly 60, 180 and 300 seconds, as required in the ASTM.

Clear data management with simple result comparison and export

The viewing and evaluation of even large amounts of data succeeds in ADVANCE effortlessly thanks to automatically produced and clearly arranged diagrams and result tables with raw data and calculated parameters. A video of the bubble size change over time and a histogram for each selected individual image are also shown in the foam structure analyses.

A special program module for result comparison also supports a measuring data analysis. Raw data and calculated results of up to 20 arbitrary measurements can be summarized in overview displays. Foam behavior differences between samples therefore become visible at a glance. ADVANCE also provides convenient export functions for measurements and results and the production of clearly structured measuring reports.

ADVANCE is now available with all DFA100 and RMFA instruments. If you already have a DFA100 and work with the previous Foam Analysis software, an upgrade to ADVANCE is possible at any time. If you are interested, your Technical Consultant at KRÜSS would be delighted to provide assistance.

Video: ADVANCE Foam

Video ADVANCE Foam