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Surface Roughness Tester


Fast and reliable roughness control according to standard


As our confocal microscope with a special focus on quality control, our SRT Surface Roughness Tester quickly and precisely measures profile and surface-related roughness parameters according to relevant standards. The quality control instrument is ideal for checking whether your surface shows the specified roughness after grinding or polishing or before surface processing, such as coating.


Equipped with high-quality optics and a microlens disc which optimizes the light yield, the SRT reliably measures a vast number of instructive roughness results. Important measurement parameters, such as brightness and measuring range, are adjusted automatically.


The SRT is available in a standard version but also as a high-resolution version for analyzing smooth to slightly rough surfaces.


  • Very fast measurements making it optimal for QC

  • Quality control of industrial grinding or polishing processes

  • Roughness control before bonding or coating

  • Checking compliance with workpiece-related roughness specifications

Measuring methods

  • Analysis of the topography of solid surfaces using confocal microscopy

Measuring results

  • Roughness control according to different standards

  • A wide scale of profile- and surface-related roughness parameters

  • 50-fold lens of the SRT Hi-Res