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Surface Roughness Analyzer

SRA Head

Ready for in-line quality control


The SRA Head is a special setup for our Surface Roughness Analyzer created for integrating versatile roughness and texture analysis in fully automated processes. Thanks to its small size and weight, positioning of the head can be easily done by a robotic system. The software can be linked to programs such as Matlab® in order to integrate it in information systems. All this makes reliable in-line QC checks of workpieces possible.


  • Very fast measurements making it optimal for QC

  • Automated analysis of industrial grinding or polishing processes

  • Roughness control before bonding or coating

  • Monitoring shape accuracy of workpieces after production

  • In-line check of compliance with workpiece-related roughness specifications

  • Also available as SRA Basic Head for measurements where maximum speed and resolution are not required

Measuring methods

  • Analysis of the topography of solid surfaces using confocal microscopy

Measuring results

  • Displaying the topography of samples on a wide scale from surface roughness up to the shape of whole workpieces

  • Calculation of sample parameters such as dimensions, angles, radii

  • A vast amount of surface and profile

  • Analyses according to different standards, such as ISO 25178

  • Roughness factor according to Wenzel

  • Direct data evaluation in optional MountainsMap® software

Cylinder running surface
Height analysis using a confocal microscope
3D roughness analysis of the same cylinder running surface