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Force Tensiometer


The high-precision tensiometer for analyzing the wettability of fibers

Force Tensiometer – K100SF for wettability of fibers

In many fields of application, such as fiber reinforcement or product development for hair care, fibers come in contact with liquids. The intensity of this contact, called wetting, plays a crucial role for the quality of end products. Our K100SF Force Tensiometer is specially designed for analyzing the wettability of single fibers by measuring the contact angle. For this purpose, the instrument is fitted with a highly accurate sensor to measure the wetting forces on even very thin fibers, for example on single carbon fibers which are just a few microns thick.


  • Characterization of natural and synthetic fibers for dyeing or coating

  • Development of carbon and glass fiber coatings

  • Quality of the embedding of fibers in the matrix for fiber-reinforced polymers

  • Optimization of hair care products

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle using the wetting force of a liquid at a solid sample

Measuring results

  • Advancing contact angle

  • Receding contact angle

  • Position-dependent contact angle during wetting and de-wetting

  • Temperature of the liquid

Force Tensiometer – K100SF for wettability of fibers

Equipped for precise, fully automatic measurements

The K100SF carries out measurements fully automatically, using prepared measurement templates. Preparation is swift thanks to the spacious sample chamber, the fast sample stage movement, and the simple attachment of the fiber samples to a special holder. Another plus is the ionizer, which removes interfering static charges and can be switched on and off automatically during the measuring program.