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Understanding foam

Focus Webinar

Understanding foam – more than just bubbles

Foamability, foam prevention, applications & measurements



Foam is more than just bubbles. It is either a welcomed companion of many products or an obstacle to be overcome. Developers and quality managers in many different industries are interested in defined foam formation, stability behavior, moisture and the inner structure of foam.


This Focus Webinar with Dr. Youssef Akil will lead the way on how to achieve and control suitable foam properties for your application.


What you can expect

  • Understand the physical attributes that define the properties of foam.
  • Learn how you can influence foam behavior and measure the relevant parameters.


Webinar on demand

If you register, you can access the recorded version of this webinar immediately.



  • What is foam? What is needed to create foam?
  • Which factors determine the decay of a foam? How can the lifetime of a foam be improved?
  • How can foam be avoided? What is an antifoamer?
  • How can foamability and foam stability be measured?
  • How can we understand more about the foam structure?
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