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Focus webinar: Optimizing adhesion

Focus Webinar

Optimizing adhesion

The science that holds it all together


Achieving optimum adhesion is often the most critical factor in producing excellent products. Understanding the principles of adhesion enables you to significantly improve and optimize the properties of many products and processes such as adhesive tapes, hot melts, glues, and much more.


Join this focus webinar with Dr. Youssef Akil to crack the code to perfect adhesion and make your adhesion success measurable and predictable.


What you can expect

  • Understand the scientific principles behind adhesion.
  • Learn which parameters need to be optimized to achieve the best adhesion results.


Webinar on demand

If you register, you can access the recorded version of this webinar immediately.



  • What is the correlation between surface tension and surface free energy for adhesion?
  • Why is it important to know about polar and disperse fractions for optimal adhesion?
  • What is the difference between work of adhesion and interfacial tension for adhesion? Which parameter influences which behavior?
  • Which general rules should be followed to achieve good adhesion? How can the adhesion behavior be predicted?



During the webinar, a demonstration of the KRÜSS Adhesion Analysis software will be shown. This tool allows the quantitative analysis and prediction of adhesion behavior to enable a controlled and targeted optimization process.


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