New software and temperature control up to 300 °C for KRÜSS Premium Tensiometer K100

ADVANCE software with powerful automation processes and temperature-controlled measurements between -15 and 300 °C

  • The workflow-orientated software ADVANCE assists the Force Tensiometer – K100 in its furtherly developed version
  • Broad method diversity for surfactant and wetting analysis with powerful automation programs
  • Newly developed temperature control units for tensiometric analysis from -15 to 300 °C

Hamburg, December 11, 2017 – KRÜSS is introducing an updated version of their successful Force Tensiometer – K100 with their new ADVANCE software and has also developed two new temperature control units for this measuring instrument.

ADVANCE software with automation processes for a large number of measuring methods

The new ADVANCE software is designed to be a universal platform for all KRÜSS measuring instruments and now also supports the high-end K100 tensiometer. ADVANCE displays the logical workflow of scientific measurements on an intuitive user interface. The broad scope of methods offered by the K100 include, in addition to standard methods for surface and interfacial tension of liquids, completely automated CMC measurement and processes for characterization of the wettability of solids and powders right up to the determination of their surface free energy. In parallel with the software release, this measuring instrument also offers technical upgrades, such as a sensor that registers the closing of the sample chamber doors.

ADVANCE controls measurement sequences with the aid of ready-made automation programs, reducing manual steps to the absolute minimum. Measurements can therefore start immediately without any further adjustments. Procedures can also be intuitively modified or even newly created for completely different sequences without any programming knowledge.

The automation programs work hand in hand with the numerous software-controlled K100 components and sensors. For example, closing the measuring chamber can initiate the next sequence step of the measurement without the user needing to confirm continuation. Also, the integrated stirrer can switch itself on and off during the procedure in order to homogenize the sample before measurement. During a critical micelle concentration (CMC) measurement, special Micro Dispensers are integrated in a fully automated procedure which includes creating a concentration series and evaluating the measurement curve.

Temperature-controlled measurements between -15 and 300 °C

An additional novelty in the K100 program innovation consists of two powerful temperature control units for different ranges. The Temperature Control Unit – TJ50 exploits the Peltier effect for tensiometric measurements between -15 and 130 °C. The unit rapidly reaches the target temperature and keeps it stable due to excellent insulation. This not only applies to high and low temperatures, but also to normal conditions (293.2 °K), which is almost impossible for standard thermostats to maintain. The temperature control housing of the unit also encompasses an electromagnetic stirrer, ensuring rapid homogenization of the sample temperature. Moreover, the TJ50 includes a cooling unit for the Peltier element so that separate counter-cooling is not necessary.

The electrically heated temperature control unit TJ60, which quickly and reliably reaches target temperatures of up to 300 °C, opens up completely new tensiometric fields of work. It enables, for instance, measurements of the surface tension of polymer melts or bitumen. The supplied disposable sample vessels made of the excellent heat conductor aluminum solve the problem of persistent contamination. Oxidation of the samples can also be avoided by connecting an inert gas.

Both the new ADVANCE software for the Force Tensiometer – K100 and the temperature control units TJ50 and TJ60 are available from now on.

Press release: New software and temperature control up to 300 °C for KRÜSS Premium Tensiometer K100

Force Tensiometer – K100 with Peltier Temperature Control Unit – TJ50 including its cooling unit

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