Mobile Surface Analyzer wins Innovation Award at SEPAWA 2014

The MSA impresses the jury in the quality testing of cleaned surfaces

We have achieved first place at the awards for the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2014 with our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA. The professional association for the cosmetics, detergents/cleaners and perfume industry with over 1500 members awards the prize annually at the SEPAWA Congress. The expert jury is appointed from SEPAWA's independent scientific advisory board. As well as the level of innovation, orientation towards user requirements and the effort for implementing the new product are also evaluated. The Mobile Surface Analyzer succeeded in convincing the jury in the area of quality testing for cleaned surfaces.

Determination of the surface free energy (SFE) is an established method of monitoring cleaning steps. Our MSA makes the scientifically-based determination of SFE by measuring the contact angle particularly fast, flexible and simple. The MSA measures the SFE based on the contact angle of two liquids within seconds with just one click. Measurements can be carried out on the move and on samples of any size.

We are delighted with the jury's award, which we were honored to accept on October 16th, 2014 in Fulda, Germany.