Automated wetting analysis of large samples

New contact angle instrument DSA100L for surfaces of up to 500 × 500 mm

It is often necessary, particularly in quality control, to investigate larger samples without destructing them. However, there normally is a specific limit regarding wetting analysis with stationary contact angle instruments and this results from the optical arrangement, i.e. the gap between the camera and light source. We were able to override this limit with our new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100L and provide significantly more space for the sample – thanks to the patented prism optics of the DSA100 series.

The prism, which guides the horizontal image upwards into the camera during optical drop shape analysis, is located just above the sample in the DSA100L. Therefore, the sample space is not limited by the prism itself. This means that, in combination with the wide frame, the long horizontal axis, and the large rotation table of the instrument, any position can be reached for measurement on samples of up to 500 × 500 mm. Complete, fully automated wetting analysis of such large samples can now be carried out, supported by the software-controlled dosing unit of the DSA100L and the easy to configure automation programs provided by the ADVANCE software.

For checking the homogeneity of surfaces or for analyzing partially coated samples, the DSA100L is capable of carrying out position dependent measurements (mapping), which can be programmed intuitively. Moreover, the system needs less than a second to determine the surface free energy at a position by means of the optional  Liquid Needle dosing unit.